Yak-Gear Zig Zag Cleat
Yak-Gear Zig Zag Cleat
Yak-Gear Zig Zag Cleat

Yak-Gear Zig Zag Cleat

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The Yak-gear Zig Zag Cleat is a very strong and durable boat cleat that is great for sit-on-top and sit-inside kayaks to anchor off. Put one on either side to secure rope to the front, sides, or back of your kayak or canoe in seconds. The Zig Zag Cleat accepts quarter inch rope for fast tie off of anchor rope, docking, and is also handy when towing another boat. Works well on any boat up to 14 foot long. The kit comes with hardware included: stainless steel screws and locknuts as well as Aluminum Tri Grip Rivets for installation and instructions.


Strong and Durable Nylon Boat Cleat Accepts 1/4" rope Use for Kayaks, Canoes, or any boat up to 14" Use for Anchoring, Docking, and Towing

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