Saris T-Bones 2 Bike Rack
Saris T-Bones 2 Bike Rack
Saris T-Bones 2 Bike Rack

Saris T-Bones 2 Bike Rack

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The Saris T-Bones 2 Bike Rack makes it easy to convert your rack into a bike storage system for your home. And when it's on the car, the integrated lock system and adjustable set-back keep your car, rack and bikes all safe and secure. T-Bones even slips conveniently into the Transport Bag, so you can throw it over your shoulder to help you reach your final destination. And because it's light—as little as 10 pounds—it won't slow you down.


Lightweight hitch rack with integrated locking system. Easily transitions to a bike storage solution. Qwik Dock(TM) Lever makes rack installation simple and tool-free. Carries 2 bikes (35lbs/bike).

Tech Specs

Weighs 10 pounds. Bike weight limit: up to 35 pounds per bike. Universal Hitch fits both 1-1/4" and 2" hitches. Bikes lock to the rack with integrated locking cable. Rack locks to the vehicle with locking hitch pin. One key fits both locks - so you don't have to fumble with multiple keys when you're ready to go. Anti-sways and hold-downs keep any size bike stable and secure. Ratcheting straps make securely attaching bikes to rack easy. Arms tilt up or down with ease. Qwik Dock (TM) Lever makes rack installation simple and tool-free. T-Stand quickly transforms carrier to home storage solution. Transport Bag makes rack easy to carry from vehicle to storage location. T-Bones includes: rack, T-Stand, Transport Bag, Qwik Dock (TM) Lever, locking hitch pin, integrated locking cable.

Product Specs

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