Giro Women's Feather Mips Bike Helmet

Giro Women's Feather MIPS Bike Helmet

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The Giro Women's Feather MIPS Bike Helmet provides lower protection on the side and back than most trail helmets, and it also incorporates the impact technology developed in collaboration with MIPS over two years and thousands of tests. The collaboration's goal was to mimic your skull's natural noodle-defense mechanism, cerebrospinal fluid, which allows for lateral movement of your head's different protective layers to absorb and diffuse impacts that would otherwise go straight to your brain. The Feather translates this model to exosomatic applications by allowing the outer shell to slide across the helmet's body when tangential force is applied. Instead of just absorbing energy, the helmet is able to redirect it, making the ultimate impact on your head that much less dangerous. Helmets aren't only about protection, though, and the Feather benefits from all the different pieces expertise that Giro has amassed over the years. The 12 vents and internal channeling keep you cool by drawing heat up, where it's expelled into the alpine air. The In Form fit system makes for an equally comfortable fit by using a ratcheting dial to effect up to 6 centimeters of adjustment, which, when combined with Giro's 20-plus years of helmet fitting nous, gives unrivaled customizability.


Polycarbonate Shell with EPS Foam MIPS Technology Additional Protection on Sides and Back of Head In Form Adjustment System 12 Vents

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