Giro Men's Ambient 2.0 Cycling Gloves

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The Giro Men's Ambient 2.0 Cycling Gloves combines a water resistant Polartec® Windbloc® soft shell backhand with an ultra-cozy deep pile fleece lining. A Polartec Windbloc microfleece palm adds a layer of warmth with great dexterity, and Ax Suede™Echo patches provide grip and durability. For an extra layer of warmth, the first two fingertips are double wrapped since they are most exposed to the cold air. The glove’s light feel is great for long rides, yet it packs enough warmth to fight off temperatures that hover around freezing.


Temperature Rating: 35° to 45° F / 2° to 7° C Optimized gel padding Polartec Windbloc palms for an Elevation in Warmth Interior Liner Deep Pile Fleece Lining Outer Shell Super Fit™ Engineered 5-Fingered Design Water resistant High Loft Polartec Windbloc Backhand Water Resistant Polartec Windbloc Palm with Microfleece Backing Ax Suede Echo Patches for Grip and Durability