Superfeet Kork Custom Footbed

Superfeet Kork Custom Footbed

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Superfeet Kork Custom Footbed custom insoles feature OUTLAST® Temperature Regulation technology and Superfeet's exclusive Kork® material. Originally developed for NASA, OUTLAST® is a new material that actually absorbs, stores and releases body heat to regulate the temperature inside the wearer's boots. Our proprietary Kork® blend is durable, easy to work with, and guarantees to capture the best mold of your feet. The Superfeet Kork Custom Footbed is the ultimate in support, insulation, sensitivity, and power transmission for maximum edge control. Designed for the demanding downhill skier and snowboarder who requires high performance and superb command of the terrain. Buy your Superfeet Kork Custom Footbed today!


Special OUTLAST® top cover for Adaptive ComfortTM all day long Full KORK® top sheet and stabilizer bed to perfectly capture your foot's shape Special arch pad for improved comfort Provides the support and balance for superior edge control Support Level 3

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