Superfeet Red Hot Men's Footbed

Superfeet Red Hot Men's Footbed

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Superfeet Red Hot Men's Footbed are cold weather protection with Outlast&red;. Specifically engineered to fit the shape of men's feet and winter footwear, REDhot provides the support, shock absorption, power transmission and edge control men need to tear up the slopes. The REBOUND foam full length offers maximum forefoot flex, while our patented stabilizer cap gives the rearfoot the stability and alignment it needs to perform at peak potential. In addition to the Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® top cover, the combination of our new Thermo-Foil and AirWeave technology layers in the forefoot efficiently regulates temperature, offering excellent heat management for all-day comfort.Ideal for men's feet with medium to high arches.


Full Length REBOUND foam Patented Stabilizer cap Outlast® Adaptive Comfort top cover Thermo-Foil and AirWeave layers Recommended footwear: Snowboard, ski, and winter sport footwear.

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Insole size: C, Shoe size: 5.5 - 7 Insole size: D, Shoe size: 7.5 - 9 Insole size: E, Shoe size: 9.5 - 11 Insole size: F, Shoe size: 11.5-13 Insole size: G, Shoe size: 13.5-15 Insole size: H, Shoe size: 15.5-17


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