Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings '21

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$189.95 $280.00

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90 mm 100 mm

Product Details

The Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings are tough and light weight. Triple Pivot Light Toe features a horizontal inserted spring along with a gliding plate and an aluminum bridge on the top for extra support. The AFD gliding plate allow precise release and gives a custom matched fit to ensure perfect functionality. Hollow Linkage Heel offers a aluminum hollow axle saving weight and increasing torsional stiffness. The Squire 11 bindings are sure to become your favorite bindings for the winter seasons.


Triple Pivot Light Toe Height Adjustable AFD gliding plate Hollow Linkage Heel

Tech Specs

Brake Width: 90 mm or 100 mm DIN Range: 3.0 - 11.0 Toe Tech: Triple Pivot Light Heel Tech: Hollow Linkage Gliding AFD: Stainless Steel/height adjustable Stand Height w/o ski: 22 mm Weight: 1530 g

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