Marker Junior M 7.0 Free Ski Bindings '17

Marker Junior M 7.0 Free Ski Bindings '17

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The Marker Junior M 7.0 Free Ski Bindings features the wide, 85mm brake for junior twins and fat junior skis. Its compact heel technology is a statement of efficiency- with the usual perfect Marker release properties and the perfect mix of great design, lightness, and excellent functionality; Perfect for beginners and occasional skiers. Featuring Biotech toe technology, the toe recognizes unfavorable force combinations and reliably reduces the release force exerted during an event.


AFD Gliding Plate Compact Heel Biotech

Tech Specs

85 MM Brake Boot Sole Compatibility ISO 5355 (ALPINE Adult & Junior) DIN Range 2.0 - 7.0 Rec Skiers Weight 53 - 165 lbs. Stand height w/o ski 18 mm Toe System Biotech 4-linkage Jr. Gliding AFD Active AFD Step-In Heel Compact Junior Weight (pair) 1230 g