Kneebinding Carbon 90mm Ski Bindings '16

Kneebinding Carbon 90mm Ski Bindings '16

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The Kneebinding Carbon 90mm Ski Bindings are the world's only carbon-fiber binding blends industrial resins with hi-tech carbon fibers to increase strength and rigidity. This makes the coupling even tighter and stiffer, providing more feedback to the skier and more precise transmission of energy to the ski. KneeBindings are the only bindings in the world with PureLateralâ„¢ heel release! This patented mechanism can detect the specific forces that cause most knee injuries on skis, and can release just before the forces are great enough to otherwise injure the knee.


PureLateral™ 3-D ACL Protection FlexFloat™ Mounting System - Feels completely rigid, moves a little when ski flexes. Allows ski to flex and turn more naturally and eliminates unwanted release. Skis move with the terrain without interfering with the boot-binding relationship. LeverEdge™ Technology DIN 3 to 12 26mm-32mm Stand Height Configurable Ramp Delta (0mm - 6mm) Convenient Treadle Scraper Interchangeable Brakes (75, 90, 110, 130, 150mm) Conforms With International Testing Standards Made in the U.S.A.

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