Full Tilt Men's High Five Ski Boots '15
Full Tilt Men's High Five Ski Boots '15
Full Tilt Men's High Five Ski Boots '15

Full Tilt Men's High Five Ski Boots '15

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The Full Tilt Men's High Five Ski Boots provide all-mountain skiers with high performance power and responsiveness they've always loved, in a unique roomier 102mm fit for those with wider feet or prefer extra comfort up front. Built using a three piece shell design and a medium firm flex tongue for reliable power and energy transfer with a smooth, natural ankle motion to eliminate shin bang! The rigid boot board maximizes responsiveness and sensitivity to the snow. Durable, lightweight aluminum macro ladder buckles provide quick and easy memory reference and a micro twist for fine adjustment tuning. All Full Tilt boots use authentic IntuitionĀ® closed cell foam that is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes. The High Five's Pro liner laminates are specifically engineered to provide the most energy transfer to the shell while maintaining its warmth, lightweight and a custom moldable fit.

Tech Specs

No Forward Cant 3mm Lateral Cant Height: 18 Toe / 34 Heel Weight (Single Boot, M27): 1,942g


102mm Width FTI Shell #7 Flex Tongue Rigid Boot Board Ladder Buckles Pro Liner with Powerwrap, J-Bar, and Wide-Toe