Flux Men's RK30 Snowboard Bindings '12
Flux Men's RK30 Snowboard Bindings '12
Flux Men's RK30 Snowboard Bindings '12
Flux Men's RK30 Snowboard Bindings '12
Flux Men's RK30 Snowboard Bindings '12

Flux Men's RK30 Snowboard Bindings '12

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The Flux Men's RK30 Snowboard Bindings is best Served with Concrete, Snow, and Steel. Whether killing kickers in the park or slaying handrails in front of City Hall, the RK30 is ready to terrorize your neighborhood. The Genetic Baseplate and Performance Urethane highback provide plenty of flexibility. The Shock absorbing EVA cushion lets you land on concrete day in and day out. Your body will thank you. The Flux PR15 construction features include the Genetic Baseplate that represents a fusion of science and rider driven feedback. Inner portions of the baseplate are thinner than the outer to create a responsive binding that allows you to better feel your board. The Performance Blend 30 Material is capable of destroying everything and enduring anything. This versatile construction blends responsiveness with flexibility through the use of a 30% glass and fiber blend in both the baseplate and rotary disc. The Sky Cushion provides running shoe comfort without the sweatbands and spandex. Toe and heel cushions absorb shock through a combination of EVA material and strategically placed air pockets. Say goodbye to heel bruises and fatigue. The three dimensional shape of the F-Tech 3D Fit Strap provides an excellent fit free of pressure points so you can manhandle the entire mountain. UU Fit ensures your straps are secured and the New FTM Monocoque toe strap keeps things light yet comfort filled. Using a molded, one-piece design, to wrap the contours of your boot to minimize pressure points and maximize responsiveness. The L-Guide System ensures that your ladders quickly and cleanly lock into your binding's ratchets, plus keeps those pesky straps and ladders out of the way. Finally the Low Profile Ratchet buckle smoothly and securely so you can trust these things.

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SMALL: Mens’s 5 – 6.5 (23cm – 24.5cm) MEDIUM: Mens’s 7 – 9.5 (25cm – 27.5cm) LARGE: Mens’s 10 – 13+ (28cm – 30cm+) Please note: Sizing may vary depending on the boot make and/or manufacturer


Genetic Base Baseplate Performance Blend 30 Baseplate Material Sky Cushion Footbed Performance Urethane Highback F-Tech 3D Fit Strap L-Guide System UU Fit secure strap system NEW! FTM Monocoque Toe Strap Low Profile Ratchet Buckle

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