Arbor Timeless Reclaimed Edition Longboard '13

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The Arbor Timeless Reclaimed Edition Longboard is a classic pintail carver designed for smooth, open-stance skating. It features a wide concave platform and substantial wheelbase for maximum push and speed stability. Not to mention this Reclaimed Edition features a topsheet made from reclaimed wood. Waste not, want not, and skate 'til you die; all the same performance, in the most responsible offering yet.Sitting on the Gullwig 10" Charger I Trucks, the best all-around reverse kingpin truck on the market, it delivers excellent cruise and carve oriented performance. While the Freeride series wheels provide excellent carve, downhill, slide, and urban commute performance. Ideal for managing your speed, drifting, or any king of high-powered turning. The offset hub offers the right balance between grip and slip, a wide contact patch for traction, and a sharp, flexible inner and outer lip that allow the wheel to conform to the road.

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