Arbor Genesis 44 Freestyle Longboard '13

Arbor Genesis 44 Freestyle Longboard '13

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The Arbor Genesis 44 Freestyle Longboard is the top of the line cruiser. The drop through shape, with a responsive, fiberglass reinforced flex, a wider more functional standing platform, and new kicktails all come together for added freestyle versatility. Featuring Paris trucks you will get the best freeride-oriented, reverse-kingpin truck on the market, great for higher speed performance. Works in conjunction with the Freeride series wheels to provde excellent carve, downhill, slide, and urban commute performance. Ideal for managing your speed, drifting, or any king of high-powered turning. The offset hub offers the right balance between grip and slip, a wide contact patch for traction, and a sharp, flexible inner and outer lip that allow the wheel to conform to the road.


Arbor 72mm 78a Wheels ABEC 5 Bearings Paris 180 Trucks

Tech Specs

L: 44.00" W: 9.60" WB: 32.00"