K2 Youth Raider Ice Skates '19

K2 Youth Raider Ice Skates '19

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The K2 Youth Raider Ice Skates are designed with five expandable sizes to grow with your child's feet season to season. These ice skates provide stability, comfort & style and feature K2 Softboot® for comfort & performance, speed lacing system that offers a one pull lacing for a secure fit and junior cuffs that provides support and an integrated adjustable buckle. Additional features include a warm brushed liner with water repellent to ensure your child's feet stay warm & dry, stainless steel blades for improved wear and corrosion resistance and integrated junior blade mount that lowers your child's center of gravity making it easy to stay balanced. The K2 Youth Raider Ice Skates are the ones your kiddo will want this season and next season since they can be adjusted as your child's feet grow.


5 Expandable Sizes K2 Softboot® Speed Lacing System Junior Cuffs Warm Brushed Liner Water-repellent Material Injected Locked Stainless Steel Blades Integrated Junior Blade Mounts

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