K2 Women's Alexis Ice Skates '19

K2 Women's Alexis Ice Skates '19

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The K2 Women's Alexis Ice Skates provide perfect comfort for fitness or recreational skating. Offering amazing support, comfort and a superior fit these super cute ice skate feature warm brushed liners with water repellent materials to keep your toes warm and the water out, stainless steel blades that are wear & corrosion resistant for ease of care and have standard traditional lacing to give you the feel and fit you want. Additional amazing features include the K2 Softboot® for performance, style & comfort along with stability plus cuffs that will give you the perfect blend of support where you need it while eliminating overall skate weight. If you dream of making figures 8's and spinning on the ice make sure you are wearing the Women's Alexis Ice Skates by K2 for a comfort that will keep you on the ice all day.


K2 Softboot® Standard Traditional Lacing Stability Plus Cuffs Warm Brushed Liner Water-repellent Material Injected Locked Stainless Steel Blades

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