Accurate Vivid Mainline 70ft Spectra Wakeboard Rope

Accurate Vivid Mainline 70ft Spectra Wakeboard Rope

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Accurate Vivid 15" Handle w/70Ft Vivid Mainline 2008: It’s time for females to not only have their own banging boards and boots, but ropes and handles too. The Vivid Handle and Mainline are the perfect couple, and are ready for any girl’s extreme wakin’ adventure. The women-inspired graphics and colors are just the beginning. The 3mm cut EVA grip and dyneema rope are only made for the best. Make sure your wake assortment is complete and up to standard by adding the Vivid handle and mainline by Accurate to your collection.


3mm die cut EVA grip Woman’s inspired graphics Strung with white Dyneema rope

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