Connelly Infant Cga Neovest Life Vest

Connelly Infant Neovest USCGA Life Vest

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The Connelly Infant Neovest USCGA Life Vest is constructed with vertically hinged segmentation for increased mobility and comfort. This kid's vests has been guaranteed to protect and properly float your young water sports enthusiasts by including such features as built in crotch straps, belt closures, and head pillow. The Connelly Baby Safe vest is exclusively designed for kids under 30 lbs, and includes an elasticized, fabric crotch strap for comfort and collar with grab strap.


USCGA [United States Coast Guard Approved] Hinged Segmentation for Increased Mobility and Comfort Built in Crotch Straps Belt Closures Head Pillow Designed for Kids Under 30 lbs, Elasticized, Fabric Crotch Strap for Comfort Collar with Grab Strap