Liquid Force Men's Deluxe Hybrid Wakeboard '12
Liquid Force Men's Deluxe Hybrid Wakeboard '12
Liquid Force Men's Deluxe Hybrid Wakeboard '12
Liquid Force Men's Deluxe Hybrid Wakeboard '12

Liquid Force Men's Deluxe Hybrid Wakeboard '12

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The Liquid Force Men's Deluxe Hybrid Wakeboard is built to play at the park. But it will not disappoint whether sliding rails or playing behind a boat. Don't be fooled by the lightweight configurations of this hybrid board it is built to perform and take a beating. The Delux Hybrid has 3 wood stringers and ultra-lightweight PVC at it's core making it flexy yet durable. Liquid Force's Liquid Rail elastomeric sidewalls and Gride Base protect your boards edges and core from those awkward hits to a rail or a slide gone sour. These elements all come together to create a board that is more responsive, livelier off the wake, softer on the landings with unmatched durability. The Aggressive 3 Stage Rocker serves up a more aggressive ride for exploding off the wake to catch-free transitions in the parks. Adding a quarter of an inch of rocker helps this board perform better behind the boat making it a true park/boat crossover. The center concave softens the landings from those big airs while the edge channels increase control and hold. The fins have been moved back on this years Delux to improve traction Great for sliding the rails without getting hung up but fun and poppy enough for ripping it behind a boat. NOTE: ALL 2012 LIQUID FORCE BOARDS ARE USING METRIC SCREWS. Why go metric? As boards get thinner and lighter for all out awesome shorter screws with more threads are needed to produce the same great hold. Can I use my old bindings with the M6 System? Yes, however, you will need the M6 Screws! How can you tell the difference between the old screws and the new screws? Most easy to spot... M6 Screws are black, old screws are silver. If you take a silver screw and put it into an M6 board... you're hosed. 2012 Liquid Force Shane Team Hybrid - Clinic Video from Liquid Force on Vimeo.

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Rider Weight (LBS) : Board Length (CM) 65-110 lbs : 124-134 cm 70-130 lbs : 130-138 cm 100-170 lbs : 134-142 cm 150-225 lbs : 138-146 cm


M6 Metric Inserts Hybrid Technology Grind Base Aggressive 3 Stage Rocker Center Concave with Edge Channels Liquid Rail Sidewall CNC Milled Wood/PU Composite Core Triax Glass Layup

Product Specs

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