The equipment you need for kneeboarding is similar to what you need for other water sports. Kneeboarding accessories include gloves, a life vest, and possibly a wetsuit, depending on the weather conditions.

A tow rope and handle are also among your most important items of kneeboarding equipment. Here are some features to keep in mind when selecting a rope and handle:

Rope: Look for stiffness. A kneeboarding rope should be fairly stiff, not stretchy like a water ski rope. A rope with some stretch is ok for beginners, but if you are doing kneeboarding tricks, choose a stiff rope with no stretch.

Handle: When shopping for a kneeboarding handle, look for a second, smaller grip or handle that makes spinning tricks easier. A kneeboarding handle should have a grip that is about 13 to 15 inches wide. Many kneeboarding handles also have neoprene foam floats built in; because kneeboarding's relatively slow speed reduces the risk that the force of the water will rip the floats off the handle.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about kneeboarding ropes, handles, and other accessories.