You have decided to go off and surf some new waters. How are you going to get your board from point A to B? Whether you bring your wakesurf board to the lake in your car, leave it in the boat, or fly to far off waters, it is important to know how to transport and store your board safely. We’ll go over some common ways to transport your board effectively and safely.


If your normal commute to the lake takes more than a few minutes, and you are pressed for space in your vehicle, surf racks are an ideal way to transport your boards. Surf racks attach to crossbars on top of your vehicle and allow for safe, secure, and convenient means of transportion for your boards.

Board Sleeves

This type of surfboard bag has minimal padding and is carried via a side handle and or shoulder strap. Board sleeves are a cost-efficient method for transportation and safe storage of your board. A wakesurf sleeve may have little to no additional pockets or storage areas for fins and other gear.

Board Bags

Similar to board sleeves, these bags are carried via a side handle or shoulder strap. The difference between the sleeve and the board bag is the amount of additional padding, durable handles, heavy-duty zippers, and a padded shoulder strap. Board bags provide superior protection for your board and usually have built-in pockets for board fins and other accessories. These bags are ideal for protecting your board from dings and dents.

Wheelie Bags

Like regular board bags, these bags have better padding, durable handles, heavy-duty zippers, and a padded shoulder strap. Having wheels on your bag will make it easier when flying or even just moving your board from storage to the car or boat. Extra pockets and storage compartments can help when traveling with your gear, especially if you want to minimize your bags in the transition from land to water.

Make sure to purchase the bag that coincides with the length and shape of your surfboard. Too small of a bag and your board will not fit. Too big of a bag and the board has room to slide around and potentially get damaged while it is being transported. Have more questions about wake surfing or how to transport your boards? Visit us in-store or online at your your local Sun & Ski Sports.