Your tow ropes will provide years of water sports fun if you invest some time and effort in taking care of them.

Here are a few simple care tips to keep your water tow rope in tip-top shape:

Keep it clean. Avoid letting your water tow rope get dirty. Believe it or not, ground-in dirt can weaken the fibers of a water tow rope. Rinse your rope after each use, and allow it to hang in the shade to dry.

Say no to knots. Avoid putting knots in your water tow rope. Knots can weaken tow ropes because the energy that would normally spread along the rope is directed to the knot.

Avoid tangles. When you coil a water tow rope, store it on a reel, or try to use a figure-8 pattern to prevent knots.

Store it safely. Avoid storing tow ropes in direct sunlight, which causes the fibers of the water tow rope to deteriorate.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice on selecting and maintaining your wakeboard tow ropes and ski tow ropes for a variety of water sports.