Packing folders and packing cubes might be the most under-appreciated of all travel luggage accessories. They are a traveler’s best friend when you need to pack light. When you are using durable luggage (rather than a backpack or duffel bag), a packing cube or folder helps your clothes, shoes, and gear take up less space. It also keeps your clothes neat and smooth during travel.

The main purpose of packing folders and cubes is for organization and ease when packing your suitcase. They remove a lot of excess bulk from larger items that would otherwise take up a lot of space when packing your travel bag without them. There are many great styles, sizes, and kinds of packing folders and cubes to choose from. Plus, the packs are washable. Here is some features from the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder collection. However, there are many other packing folders on the market.

Pack It Folder 14 (Small)

This small folder can hold up to 7 light items, such as business shirts or t-shirts, and measures at 14 x 9 inches. This is great to add to a carry-on bag or suitcase for a business trip, weekend getaway, or when you’re trying to pack light for a longer trip.

Pack It Folder 18 (Medium)

This folder can hold 8 to 12 items and measures at 18 x 12 inches. It’s a bit larger than the small, and great for a 5-10 day trip. Pack these in a bag to keep shirts and pants wrinkle-free and organized.

Pack It Folder 20 (Large)

This folder can hold 12 to 15 items, including bulkier pieces such as jackets or sweaters, and measures at 20 x 14 inches. This is great for a ski or snowboarding trip when you need to optimize your space, but you are bringing many bulky pieces with you.

Pack It Folders come with folding boards and diagrams for how to fold your travel gear effectively and maximize the utility of all your travel accessories. They are simple, yet effective at getting the most out of the space in your travel bag. Try out packing folders or cubes on your next adventure. Visit your local Sun & Ski Sports for expert advice about choosing the perfect travel accessories for your next trip.