Are you a competitive wakeskater, or do you plan to be? The right hyperlight wakeskate can stand up to whatever you dish out to get to the top of your game. When shopping for a hyperlight wakeskate, consider a concave shape to help anchor your feet during your jumps, flips, and signature moves. Concave wakeskates dip slightly in the middle, and they also curve up slightly at the tip and tail, more like a skateboard than a wakeboard.

Most pros choose wakeskates with a grip-tape deck instead of a foam grip deck. The skateboard-style grip-tape provides the best wakeskate traction, although you might want to wear some type of water shoes to get the maximum benefit.

The Hyperlite Catalyst Nomad Wakeskate is a great example of a high-performance wakeskate for competitors. This Hyperlite wakeskate has a unique combination EVA/grip-tape top, two shank fins, dual tip and tail channels, and a blended three-stage rocker. The Hyperlight Catalyst Nomad also boast a wider profile and deeper concaves than other performance wakeskates.

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