Set up the right wakeboard stance for your size and skill level and you'll be comfortably placed in the prime position to enjoy your ride and hone your best moves. Some of the best wakeboarding tips involve how to place your bindings. To set your wakeboard bindings in the right spot, keep these tips in mind:

Measure. Before you attach bindings to your wakeboard, jump up in the air. Measure the distance between your feet after you land, which will probably be about shoulder width apart.

Decide. Before you attach your bindings, decide which foot you want to put forward. There are several ways to decide, but one easy way is to notice which foot you lift first when you put on pants. Another test: The foot that you would use to kick something out of your way should go in front.

Wakeboarding tips for beginners:

Set the rear binding in the far-back position on the board, at a zero degree angle. Set the front binding at a slight angle (15 to 25 degrees) a few holes from the center of the binding plate, at what you feel is a natural distance from the rear binding.