If you’re headed out for a trip of 7 days or longer, you need to plan your luggage size accordingly. Picking the perfect size luggage that fits all of your necessities for a long trip can be a daunting task, but this guide will help you pick out which luggage size will work best for your trip. Most travel luggage, whether it is durable luggage or a duffel bag, is measured in cubic inches. Keep these size guidelines in mind when deciding on sizes for travel luggage:

One- to Two-Week Trips

For business travelers or travelers who prefer to check their luggage, a backpack, wheeled suitcase, or duffel bag of about 4,000 cubic inches should suffice in most cases. If you can pack light, opt for travel luggage that meets the criteria for carry-on bags and avoid the hassle and fees of checked luggage. Packing large, heavy bags can put you at risk of being over the limit of pounds allowed for many U.S. airlines. Even the contents of a two-week trip can fit in a smaller travel bag if the space is used efficiently. Some bags can easily be expanded to allow for more room if needed.

A Month or More

For extended travel, you can find wheeled suitcases or backpacks with a capacity of 5,000 cubic inches. If you need even more space, look for wheeled duffel bags that can hold 8,000 cubic inches. It can be difficult to pack light for trips that are a month or longer, but if you pack a large bag, it could be too heavy or uncomfortable to carry. To avoid paying extra fees for your luggage or having complications at the airport, try using organizers. Organizers such as the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter packing cube set, helps keep bulky items more compact and organized, making it easier to pack.

Traveling can be stressful all on its own. Whether you are embarking on a weekend getaway or a prolonged stay, finding the right luggage that fits your packing needs will make your travel that much easier. Visit your local Sun & Ski Sports for expert advice about choosing the right travel luggage for your outdoor adventures.