Wakeboarding ropes should have less stretch than waterski ropes, and wakeboard handles are a few inches wider than waterski handles. These differences allow wakeboarders to do their tricks more easily. Wide handles make it especially easier for you to pass the handle behind your back.

When it is time to choose your wakeboarding accessories, you can't go wrong with a Straight Line wakeboard rope. The Straight Line TR9 Wakeboard Handle Combo is a top-quality, economical choice for a wakeboard rope and handle combination package. Special features include:

Handle: The Straight Line TR9 handle is made of double-braided polyethylene fibers, for comfort and a moderate feeling of stretch. This handle also has a molded grip and two neoprene floats.

Rope: the TR9 wakeboarding rope includes a 50-foot main line with options for 10-foot and 5-foot extensions, for a total of 65 feet.

Women wakeboarders can choose a wakeboard rope and handle that is ergonomically designed for smaller hands. The Accurate Vivid Wakeboard Handle is 15 cm long and features a 3-mm die cut EVA grip, as well as attractive graphics.