When you are checking out a new men's wakeboard or women's wakeboard, be sure to consider the wakeboard rocker. Advanced boarders know that the higher the rocker (more curve at the bottom), the easier the landing when you grab big air, in exchange for less stability. By contrast, a lower rocker (flatter on the bottom) provides more stability, which is helpful for beginners. The curve of a rocker can be continuous or progressive. Continuous curves are gradual across the length of the wakeboard, while progressive curves are gradual along the bottom, and then angle up near the nose and tail of the board.

The Hyperlite Men's Forefront Wakeboard with Remix Bin features a three-stage rocker for smooth curves and no drag. This well-equipped men's wakeboard also boasts four fins, which can be adjusted as you hone your skills. The Forefront Hyperlite Wakeboards also have toe-side channel extensions for better control, and a unique toe-side footbed riser.

For expert advice about different rockers on different wakeboard models and brands, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.