For an exciting day on the water, you may consider water skiing. Especially after a few scorching days, a day on the lake sounds like a great idea. But what about your kids? If they are ready to try their hand at water skiing, maybe it's time for some trainer combo skis. Trainer combo skis are an excellent way to introduce young children to water sports. They are kid-sized water skis with stabilizing bars to keep the skis in the correct position for a smoother ride on the water.

Features of a Combo Water Ski

Trainer combo skis are less technical versions of adult skis with a few extra features to help a newbie feel more comfortable and in control when they start out. These skis are safe and easy for kids to use and learn with as they gain confidence and skill. Here are some notable features of Combo Water Skis.

  • Trainer Bars are usually standard. These water skis have inserts that allow for a trainer bar which helps keep the skis apart while on the water. This is perfect for beginners so that they don't have to worry about keeping their feet apart.
  • Wide shape for easy starts. One of the most difficult parts of water skiing is starting and getting on a plane. Combo water skis typically are wider which allow for easier starts.
  • Designed for easier tracking. Combo water skis usually have designs that allow for easier tracking. While this is usually at the expense of maneuverability, beginners will gain confidence as they focus on other aspects of water skiing.

Be Patient

Some children may still be afraid of water skiing even with trainer combo skis. It is important to start slowly and let them develop confidence and learn to enjoy water skiing. Even with all of the extra bells and whistles that trainer combo skis provide, they are challenging and can take some time before they become proficient and confident in their abilities. Keep them positive through constant practice and encouragement.

Start on Land

Another tip is for you to start your water adventure on land. For some it may be easier to learn while on dry land before applying what they learned in the water. Dry practices will allow them to physically see what they are supposed to be doing with their legs and how to maneuver their body into an upright position.

What Kind of Combo Water Ski Should I Get?

There are multiple combo skis out on the market. However, one model is the HO Sports Kids’ Hot Shot Trainer Combo Skis. This model features a stabilizing bar that keeps the water skis at the correct distance to give young skiers a feel for the proper water skiing position, as well as wide tails to make it easier to get onto a plane on the water. In addition, these trainer combo skis come with a tow rope that has handles at both ends. This allows an adult in the tow boat to assist the beginner water skier while they are riding on the water. This added benefit is a big factor in developing confidence for young water skiers.

Safety First

Before your young skier gets out onto the water, it is important to go over some safety precautions with them. Make sure they are always wearing a life jacket that is snug and fits them well. Even with the security of a life jacket, your child should be comfortable in the water and know how to swim. Water skiers should always be aware of their surroundings. At the same time, always monitor your skier from the tow boat throughout the entire process and watch for waves, objects in the water, and other boaters.

Trainer Combo Skis are a great option to reduce the learning curve for beginner water skiers. With their added features, they'll quickly gain confidence on the water and develop their own personal riding style. Have more questions about water skiing or water sports in general? Take a look at some of our articles on our Adventure Resource Guide! their you'll find plenty of helpful tips, tricks, and guidance on all of your favorite water adventures. Or, come see us in-store or online at your local Sun & Ski Sports for expert advice about trainer combo skis or any other water skiing equipment for children.