Wakeskates are becoming increasingly popular as a way to combine watersports and skateboarding. Any wakeskate will give you a fun and challenging ride, but sophisticated skaters know that different features are better for different types of wakeskating. For example, a wakeskate's material affects how the wakeskate performs best. Two of the most common wakeskate materials are:

Composite: A composite wakeskate feels and rides more like a wakeboard than a skateboard. Composite wakeskates are longer, and they are your best choice for wakeboard-style rides and tricks. The Byerly Men's Blend Bi-Level Wakeskate combines a wooden core with a compression-molded base and fiberglass covering for durability.

Wood: A wooden wakeskate gives you the feel of a large skateboard, which some riders prefer for skateboard-style tricks. A shorter wakeskate, regardless of material, is a better choice for skateboard moves. They Hyperlight Catalyst Stylus Wakeskate is an excellent example of a wooden wakeskate.

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