The belly start is a popular way for kneeboarding novices to get upright in deep water. If you are new to kneeboarding, follow these simple steps for a smooth kneeboarding belly start:

  1. Start by lying with your belly flat on the kneeboard.
  2. Keep the kneeboard straps forward and the nose of the kneeboard slightly out of the water.
  3. Hold your kneeboard rope with one hand, and hold the side of the kneeboard with your other hand.
  4. Once your tow boat starts to move, slide your knees into the fitted knee wells on your kneeboard.
  5. Lean back slightly, and try to keep your weight centered over your hips.
  6. As you get your balance, keep one hand on the kneeboard rope, and use the other hand to pull your kneeboard straps up over your knees.
  7. Make sure that your kneeboard straps are securely fastened, and enjoy your kneeboard surfing ride!

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about different kneeboarding designs and kneeboard straps.