The right insulated water bottles can help keep your water cool and make a hike, run, or bike ride more enjoyable. Some factors to consider when choosing a reusable water bottle include:

Size: How much hydration do you need? For example, a 21-ounce bottle is a great choice for taking on a run or bike ride, while a larger Camelbak water bottle might be the best choice for an afternoon hike.

Style: You can find insulated water bottles in styles to suit a range of hiking and backpacking needs. The Camelbak Chilljacket 21-ounce water bottle is ideal for runners and bikers, and it features double-wall construction for maximum insulation in a squeezable bottle for easy access. The Camelbak BPA-free .5-liter Better Bottle features a uniquely designed cap that can be clipped to a carabiner or carried by one finger if necessary.

Sippability: You can choose from different cap styles for your reusable water bottle. For example, the Camelbak BPA-free .75-liter Bite-n-Sip Better Bottle allows you to sip water without tilting the bottle.