Once you have your wakesurf board, it's time to get the rest of your gear.

Your must-have wakesurfing accessories include the following items:

Wakesurf rope: Even though you don't spend much time holding a rope when wakesurfing, the right rope is among the most important wakesurfing accessories. A wakesurf rope is usually thicker than a wakeboard rope. Some wakesurf ropes have knots to help you pull yourself into the wake's "sweet spot." Other wakesurf ropes have small handles or T-bars for you to grab.

Rope shortener: Do you want to adjust your wakesurf rope to match your wake? You can, using a rope shortener. The rope shortener from Accurate Lines is an excellent choice for any water sport, and it can be adjusted to accommodate shorter wakesurfing lengths (usually 3 to 7 feet behind the boat). The 80-foot line can be micro-adjusted to suit any wakesurfing situation.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice and a wide selection of wakesurfing accessories.