Looking for a wakeskate? Preferences for wakeskate features are personal, so it's worth checking out several models and brands of wakeskates. Most wakeskate brands use fiberglass or composite material in conjunction with wood, but each has its own feel. Here are some sample options from three popular wakeskate brands:

Byerly: One great choice for a Byerly wakeskate is the Byerly Men's Revival, which features molded construction for durability, and more surface area than some other wakeskates.

Hyperlite: Looking for a high-performance wakeskate? The Hyperlite Catalyst Nomad delivers, with a layered fiberglass construction, dual tip/tail channels, and deeper concaves than most other wakeskate brands.

Liquid Force: One example of the choices from Liquid Force Wakeskates is the Liquid Force Impulse, an asymmetrical wakeskate with a variable edge, a concave top deck, and a grip tape deck.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about different wakeskate brands and product lines.