Even the most comfortable hiking packs can become uncomfortable by the end of a long day if you don't take some time to pack smart. In addition, packing your hiking packs properly ensures that you are not wasting a single bit of space. Keep these points in mind when packing your backpacking backpacks:

Back first: Pack your heaviest items closest to your back. If you are hiking on a trail, slide the heaviest things up to the area that will be between your shoulders. This technique helps maximize the amount that you can comfortably carry. If you know that you will be going off-trail, moving the heaviest things to the center of your backpack can help with stability.

Light at the bottom: Place your lightest items at the bottom of hiking packs, and medium-weight items on top of the light items, farthest from your body. This distribution will shift slightly, depending on the placement of your heaviest items.

For expert advice about how to pack backpacking backpacks for efficiency and comfort, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.