Keeping your hands warm and dry when you're outdoors can be the difference between a good trip and a bad one. As always with winter gloves, the real challenge is finding the right combination between warmth and flexibility. So let's take a look at a few things to consider when you're looking for the perfect pair of ski gloves or snowboard gloves this season.

What to Consider When Purchasing Ski Gloves & Snowboard Gloves:

Mittens or Gloves?

  • Mittens keep the fingers all in a bunch and nice and warm even on the coldest of days, but they can be bulky and clumsy. Ski gloves and snowboard gloves offer greater dexterity of the fingers, but you will never get the same amount of warmth as a mitten can offer.
  • Glove technology, though, has come a long way. Layering, special synthetic materials, and waterproof exteriors can help make your winter sports gloves more than up to the task of keeping your hands warm this season.
  • Overmitts are a good compromise for those who want the warmth of a mitten but the dexterity of a ski glove. These insulated "mitten tops" can cover your fingers when you don't need them (like on a chairlift).


Most quality ski gloves and snowboard gloves are made some combination of Polartec® and Gore® fabrics on the outside, with insulation from providers such as Primaloft® and Thermoloft®. You can opt for a single, all-in-one glove, or layer your gloves the way you do the rest of your body — with a thin inner layer and a warmer, outer layer.

Liner Gloves and Layering

Liner gloves give you tons of warmth without sacrificing your grip. One good thing about layering with liner gloves is you can buy an exterior shell glove, and then switch up your liners depending on the conditions. A thin base for mild days, a midweight one for climbing or cold days, and a thick insulated fleece lining for especially cold days.

Long or Short Gloves?

Some skiers and snowboarders prefer gloves long enough to come over their coat sleeves. This ensures that a nasty wipeout won't send snow billowing into your jacket.