A synthetic-filled sleeping bag might be your best choice for a hiking sleeping bag if you want to spend less money and worry less about the bag's ability to keep you warm if it gets wet. A hiking sleeping bag made with a synthetic filling will dry more quickly, whether you hang it up or carry it with you. When choosing a hiking sleeping bag with synthetic filling, some brand names you might see include Thermolite, Hollowfibre, and Micraloft. Any type of synthetic filling contains microfibers that trap air for warmth. But these fibers are highly compressible to help keep the weight and bulk of the sleeping bag to a minimum.

A Mountain Hardware sleeping bag is one of many options for a synthetic hiking sleeping bag. The Mountain Hardware Switch 35 Long sleeping bag features Thermolite Extra, which provides a combination of compressibility and loft. This Mountain Hardware sleeping bag also includes a unique Quantum expander if you need a bit of extra room.

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