If you have mastered the back roll while kneeboarding, you might want to try the front roll. Here's a quick summary of how to do it:

For a front roll, hit the opposite wake of the one that you use for your backroll.

Cut in the direction of the wake, and when the tip of your kneeboard hits the wake, take the air as you would for a jump, but then throw your head and shoulders forward as you push the tip of your kneeboard down.

If you don't think you are getting enough rotation, you might be going into your roll too soon, so try waiting a moment longer, and be sure you let your kneeboard get behind you as you roll.

To maximize your success with rolls and other kneeboarding tricks, invest in a pro kneeboard. A pro kneeboard is slightly less buoyant than the kneeboards used by beginners, but it is compression-molded, making it thinner, lighter, more durable, and better suited for tricks.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice on choosing a pro kneeboard.