What is the correct wakeboard stance while out on the water? There are a few factors that go into this. The first is to understand whether you are goofy footed or regular. Next is how to position your feet. Set up the right wakeboard stance for your size and skill level, and you'll be comfortably placed in the prime position to enjoy your ride and hone your best moves.

Goofy or Regular

The first step in this process is determining which foot is your lead foot. There are two riding positions, regular or goofy. Regular means that your left foot is your lead foot, and goofy means that your right foot is your lead foot. So how do you know if you are regular or goofy footed? Well, one common way to figure this out (assuming you have never ridden a board sport before) is to imagine that you are running on a wood floor in your socks. Then imagine sliding on this wood floor. Which foot did you lead with? If you said your left foot, then you are likely a regular footed rider. If you said right foot, then you will likely feel more comfortable riding goofy-footed.

Foot Position

Now we are ready to dial in the rest of your stance. Establishing the distance and angles that your feet are set in will create a strong base. Follow these steps to dial in the right stance.


Before you attach bindings to your wakeboard, jump up in the air. Measure the distance between your feet after you land, which will probably be just more than shoulder-width apart. The way that your feet land will typically be in a stable athletic stance, which will give you balance and control on your wakeboard.

Set Your Angles

Once you have set the width of your stance, you will want to set the angles of your feet. A standard angle for your feet would be ducked out 12 degrees on both feet. This is a great starting point, and as you strap into your boots, you can tweak these angles to find what is most comfortable to you. It was once believed that setting your rear foot at zero degrees and your front at around 15 degrees ducked out would be beneficial for beginner riders. Instead, you should go ahead and start with both feet ducked out evenly as it will prevent any bad habits that will be hard to break as you begin learning to ride switch.

Neutral Stance

Wakeboarders who are adept at riding both forward and backward want a fairly neutral stance when they are placing each wakeboard binding. What is a neutral stance? Think about how you would naturally stand on the ground, but with your feet pointed slightly out, like a duck. This stance lets you perform equally well in either direction.

With the right stance, you can now head out and find your stoke while wakeboarding. Have more questions about wakeboarding or any other water adventures? If so, come see us in-store or online at your local Sun & Ski& Sports.