If you are just getting familiar with wake surfboards, you might be wondering about optimal foot positioning, especially if you are accustomed to a wakeboard with bindings. When you are positioning your feet on a wakesurf board, it is helpful to keep some foot positioning guidelines in mind. Remember that each wake surfboard is different. A Byerly Wakesurfer might demand a slightly different foot position than a Liquid Force Wakesurf or Hyperlite Wakesurf, and you can tweak your foot position based on the board. But to get you started, remember these tips:

Shoulder width: In general, keep your feet shoulder-width apart on a wakesurf board.

Side matters: Stand with your feet closer to the side of the wakesurf board that is cutting into the wake. This position will help you hold your edge.

Slow and fast: Putting more weight on your front foot speeds you up, while putting more weight on your back foot slows you down.

For expert advice about positioning your feet on wake surfboards, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.