Your running shoes are important to your body's health as you pursue running, as an amateur or professional. Follow these tips to know when you should replace your men's running shoes or women's running shoes.

It's Not How it Looks

It's usually impossible to tell when it's time to replace your shoes based only on how they look. The interior design starts to wear out before the tread shows use or the knitting starts to fall apart. Support comes from the midsole, and that's the part that needs to stay healthy. Be aware that you might need to replace your running shoes before they look worn out.

Instead, pay attention to the following factors:

Listen to Your Body

Old running shoes often cause injuries to your body. Your legs and joints will start absorbing increasing amounts of impact when your shoes are worn out. If you start getting shin splints or feel like your muscles and joints are more tired than usual, your body could be telling you that it's time to invest in some new shoes.

Track Your Running

Keeping a running log is essential to maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. Running shoes generally last about 300-400 miles. If you keep track of the distances you run, you can get new shoes before your body starts to suffer. The life of your running shoes can increase by rotating between two different pairs. This allows the shoe soles more time to decompress between uses.

Remember, your body needs to stay healthy as you enjoy your active lifestyle. Injuries due to over-used shoes are easy to avoid, so pay attention to your body and running mileage.

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