A great wakeboarding jump starts with getting good form on your progressive edge as you roll towards that wake. Beginning wakeboarders looking to hone their jumping skills can follow these simple steps for excellent jumps:

  1. Get the right gear. Make sure you have good wakeboard ropes and handles.
  2. Get going. Get up on your wakeboard and get your balance.
  3. Keep a tight rope. Be sure your wakeboard rope is tight as you turn slowly toward the wake. If you turn too fast, your rope can become slack, and you can lose your balance.
  4. Heels down. As you get closer to the wake, press your heels down on to the wakeboard.
  5. Knees bent. Keep your knees and elbows bent, and hold the wakeboard handles with your palms facing down.
  6. Pop up. Extend to a standing position slowly, starting 2 to 3 feet before you reach the wake, then jump when you hit it. Keep your balance and maintain your edge as you go through the wake.

For expert advice about wakeboarding jumps and getting the right wakeboard accessories, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.