Adolescents and younger children can enjoy wakeboarding as much as adults, if they have the right equipment. The same basic considerations apply when choosing kids' wakeboards or a youth wakeboard as when shopping for women's wakeboards or men's wakeboards. For kids who are new to wakeboarding, be sure the wakeboard has slightly squared-off edges for stability.

You can find kids' wakeboards by most of the major wakeboard manufacturers, including Hyperlite wakeboards and Liquid Force wakeboards. The Liquid Force Star Jr. Wakeboard with Prima Bindings is an excellent youth wakeboard to get started and build skills. Features of this wakeboard include a continuous curve rocker, molded-in fins, and accompanying Prima bindings in two sizes.

The Hyperlite Jr. Motive Wakeboard is another excellent choice for a first-time youth wakeboard, with a continuous rocker, molded-in fins, and accompanying Sprint bindings.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about choosing kids' wakeboards.