You have gone to the trouble to filter water, or carry it on the trail, so don't jeopardize it by putting it in a dirty bottle or bladder. Many accessories are available to help you keep your reusable hydration system clean, including:

Tablets: Cleaning tablets are easy to carry on the trail, and they remove odors and stale taste from your reusable water bottle or bladder. For example, Camelbak cleaning tablets are designed for use with a Camelbak water bottle or other reusable water bottles.

Brushes: A specialized brush set, such as the Camelbak cleaning brush set, features a reservoir brush and tube brush to keep your entire Camelbak hydration system clean.

Cleaning kits: A complete water bottle cleaning kit, such as the Camelbak cleaning kit, includes cleaning tablets, brushes, and a reservoir dryer.

If you will be hiking or camping for more than a week, consider taking your water bottle cleaning kit with you. If not, be sure to clean your Camelbak hydration pack when you return from your hiking trip, before you put the bottle away.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about keeping reusable water bottles clean and safe.