Most wakesurf boards fall into two basic categories:

Conventional: The conventional wakesurf board is close to a traditional surfboard in design, although it is not as large as a traditional surfboard. Before wakesurf boards were developed, wakesurfers attempted to wakesurf using a traditional surfboard, which proved too big to handle the smaller wake created by a boat. The conventional style of wakesurf board is thicker than a skimboard style, and it can be paddled back to your boat.

Skimboard: The skimboard style of wakesurf board, as the name suggests, skims the top of the water. This style can be easier for beginners to handle, and some wakesurfers prefer it for spinning tricks, but you lack the ability to paddle back to your boat with this style.

Most wakesurf boards range in size from approximately 4 to 6 feet. The right size wakesurf board for you depends in part on how you plan to use it, so test a few sizes and brands before you buy.

For expert advice about wakesurf boards, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.