For the serious backcountry hiker and camper, a lightweight tent is essential, but so is quality. The right extreme weather tent makes every ounce count to provide multi-season protection from the elements while keeping packing weight to a minimum.

Other key features to consider when shopping for an extreme weather tent include:

Wind: Extreme weather often includes high winds. Multi-season tents often include an extra pole for added stability.

Water: Extreme weather tents have the right balance of breathability and water resistance.

Weight: Ripstop nylon weighs less than taffeta nylon and buys you a few ounces. But if you are going for an ultra light extreme weather tent, make sure that your tent footprint material will provide enough protection.

The Mountain Hard Ware Skyledge 2 tent illustrates many key features of an extreme weather tent. This 3-season tent features an all-mesh canopy for minimal weight, as well as watertight construction and a specialized tension arch for maximum stability in extreme weather.

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