In addition to size and comfort, different models of camping backpacks offer a range of special features that might be important to you, depending on the nature of your outdoor adventures. Some features to consider when choosing a new hiking backpack include:

Waterproofing: Consider waterproof backpacks to provide extra protection for your gear. Alternatively, choose a hiking backpack with a waterproof pack cover, such as the Mountain Hard Ware Supernatural 55 large backpack, to protect your zippers and seams from extended exposure to rain or snow.

Water drinking: Many newer models of camping backpacks are designed to accommodate hydration reservoirs, with a slit for the drinking tube. But if you prefer the standard water bottle, most camping backpacks feature water bottle pockets on each side, so you don't have to remove your pack to take a drink.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about the variety of features available on different models of hiking packs.