Technology is getting better and better every day. Today’s smartwatches have a multitude of functions including GPS technology, downloadable maps, elevation tracking, bodily measurements, and more. The Garmin Fenix 6 Multisport GPS Watch is one example of a high-end, multi-functional portable GPS system that plays many roles.


There are plenty of feature  available on smart watches. Find the features that suit you and choose accordingly. Carefully look at each watch to find what features it has.

GPS Technology

This lets you take Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on the road or on the trail. It will show you where you are going, where you want to be, how to get there, as well as showing you where you’ve been. However, remember that a GPS watch might not function as well in densely forested areas without an additional antenna, and don’t rely solely on a GPS Watch for navigation--take a compass and map on any hike.

Downloadable Topographical Maps

Downloadable maps are great if you are expecting to have a spotty signal, which can happen in a heavily forested area or want to save battery power.


A barometer measures atmospheric pressure—which can calculate ascent and descent elevations.


Smartwatches usually have a built-in compass, which helps point you in the right direction, even when you can’t get a GPS signal.

Body Measurements

With current technology, GPS watches can now measure your heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.

Sports Features

Training insights, real-time lap tables, and different sports mode features for running, biking, swimming, and more.

Water Resistance

Some watches are water-resistant (which doesn’t equate to being waterproof). This means they can handle contact with water up to a certain point. Some brands measure the water resistance by pressure (ATM—or atmospheres) and other brands measure by distance underwater.

Music Storage

If you’re one of those people that needs to have auditory stimulation to run, some watches have storage capabilities for music on the go.

There are many models of GPS watches, with an abundance of specialized features. Visit your local Sun & Ski Sports for expert advice about the latest features in smartwatches to find the right one for your needs.