Smart packing in the right travel bag can make your trips easier and more comfortable. When selecting a travel bag, consider:

Size: The size of travel bag you use is determined, to some extent, by the length of your trip. But even gear for a week-long trip can fit into a relatively small hiking pack if necessary. If you want to carry a bag onto an airplane, be sure to choose a bag the meets the current carry-on criteria, and check with your airline for any additional restrictions.

Style: Your options for a travel bag include backpacks, wheeled luggage, and duffel bags.

Weight: Even if you check your travel bag at the airport, you will still have to manage it once you reach your destination. Also, keep in mind that many airlines charge fees for oversize or extra-heavy luggage.

And no matter what type of travel bag you choose, it's always smart to make sure it will fit a travel first aid kit. Whether you are going for a multi-day hike or a multi-day European vacation, you never know when you will need a band-aid.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about choosing the right travel bag for your outdoor adventures.