No matter what hiking sleeping bag you choose, you won't get the maximum benefit from your bag unless you have a barrier between the bag and the ground. Don't forget to scope out sleeping pads when choosing your camping sleeping bag.

Some factors to consider when shopping for sleeping pads include:

Weight: A thicker sleeping pad might be more comfortable, but if you will be carrying sleeping pads with you, check the roll sizes to decide whether the extra padding is worth the extra carrying weight.

Warmth: Some brands of sleeping pads, such as Thermarest, include specialized areas of additional insulation in certain areas, such as the feet and torso.

If weight is your primary consideration when purchasing sleeping pads, check out the Thermarest Ridge Rest sleeping pad, which features ridges and valleys to trap warm air and provide extra softness. This sleeping pad also features closed cell foam for additional durability. The regular of the Ridge Rest sleeping pads is 1.5 cm thick and weighs in at just 400 grams.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop to see a range of sleeping bags and sleeping pads.