Intermediate wakeboarders who want to work on their wakeboarding tricks can consider practicing on a trampoline as a way to hone their jumping techniques and build confidence with less risk of injury. Large water trampolines for use in a lake, or land trampolines for use in the backyard can be ideal wakeboard accessories.

Some safety tips for trampoline training:

Watch your height: You don't need to jump excessively high to do wakeboard tricks, and high jumps on a trampoline will increase your risk of injury.

Wakeboards off: Never wear your wakeboard while training on a trampoline, but you can wear your favorite wakeboard clothing.

To make your trampoline training more like real wakeboarding, attach wakeboard ropes and handles to a tree or other stable object so you can get the feeling of tension that you will have when holding wakeboard handles behind a boat. The StraightLine Wakesurf rope and handle combo includes 26 feet of rope divided into four sections for ease of use for wakeboarding or trampoline training.

For expert advice about wakeboard accessories, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.